Women's Nutrition is a business dedicated to you!

Hi, I’m Rachel, founder of Women’s Nutrition. I started my business because I wanted to help women out there to become mothers. Having been on my own fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journey – with all the highs and lows that come with it – I wanted to help other women to feel their best and have the best chances of conceiving.

It really is incredible how much nutrition can help with your fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health and well-being. I want to share my knowledge with you! I also want to support you through your postpartum journey so that you feel your best inside and out.

Nutrition plays a critical role in fertility and pregnancy! *

Diet and what you eat have been shown to improve fertility by almost 70%*. What you eat can shape your baby’s future health, too, including reducing the risks of heart disease, allergies and type 2 diabetes*. As a credentialed fertility and pregnancy dietitian, I’m here to help you navigate nutrition through this critical part of your life!


My Vision

At Women’s Nutrition I want to help you to get the nutrition support you need to improve your chances of conception, experiencing a healthy pregnancy and to support the future health of you and your baby.

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Why Choose Women's Nutrition?

Rachel is passionate about supporting you to optimise your nutrition to boost your chances of conceiving. As a member of the Early Life Nutrition Alliance, I am part of a network of Dietitians leading the way in fertility dietetics using the latest in scientific research to inform practice. 

Having travelled on my own fertility and pregnancy journey I know exactly what it’s like to go through the two-week wait, the highs and lows (think hyperemesis gravidarum) and how hard it is to manage nutrition when breastfeeding and exhausted.

Working with Rachel

At your first visit Rachel will conduct a Nutrition Assessment which takes about one hour. During that time you’ll discuss your medical history, lifestyle and goals so that we can tailor any recommendations to suit your personal needs. Together, we will then come up with an action plan to get you the results that you seek. On average I find most clients like to see me weekly for the first six weeks to achieve some rapid results then fortnightly or monthly to help cement the new skills they learn during our consultations.


Start your journey to motherhood today.

Book in now to see how I can help you with conception, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition.

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