Five Reasons to see a Fertility Dietitian

I’m Rachel – a Certified Fertility Dietitian and Accredited Practicing Dietitian with years of experience helping women and men to optimise their health. I became a fertility and pregnancy dietetics specialist because I am passionate about helping women become mothers.

I had a rough fertility and pregnancy journey and I want to help other women have better outcomes when it comes to their conception. As an expert in fertility nutrition science I can help you find practical solutions to support your fertility needs.

If you’re still unsure about why a fertility dietitian is a great addition to support you on your Fertility Journey here are 5 key reasons to book in an initial consultation with me:

You are planning to start a family, and you want to optimise your and your baby’s health

Preparing your body for conception and pregnancy can have many benefits, including helping to optimise nutrient stores, optimise genetic programming and improve the health of your baby in the first 1000 days. A healthy diet and lifestyle can positively influence your and your baby’s lifelong health.

You’re struggling to conceive

As a specialist in fertility and pregnancy I can provide strategies for conceiving with conditions such as PCOS, fibroids, thyroid problems and endometriosis. I worked in the hospital sector prior to starting my private practice which provided me with a great knowledge base in women’s health and medical problems. Teaming that with my Certifications in Fertility and Pregnancy dietetics means I have the skills, knowledge and track record required to help you get your nutrition on track.

You’re starting IVF and you want to optimise your chances of success

Globally IVF success rates range between 45-48%. Specially trained fertility dietitians (like myself) are the right professionals to provide strategies to increase your chances of conceiving. Research has shown time and time again that nutrition plays a big role in increasing your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

You want Weight management advice BUT you also want to focus on enhancing your fertility

Your doctor may have told you to lose or gain some weight but you’re worried about how this will affect all those key nutrients you need to grow a baby. As a certified fertility dietitian I love working with women to balance the weight loss/weight gain conundrum. During my career I have worked at a specialist weight loss clinic which means I have lots of practical tips and tricks that are easy to implement if weight loss is your goal. Alternatively, weight gain is important for many women on their fertility journey as fat stores play a key role in hormonal balance. If you want to gain weight in a healthy nourishing way I am here to help guide you too!

You’ve suffered recurrent implantation failure and/or miscarriages

There are lots of factors when it comes to recurrent implantation and miscarriage failure. Your stress levels, maternal age, BMI and hormonal disorders can all play a role. If you have experienced a chemical pregnancy or recurrent implantation failure, I want you to know that I SEE YOU. The good news is that there are solutions and strategies a fertility dietitian can use to help you improve your chances of starting a family. Know that I understand what you’re going through first hand and I’m here to help you take back a bit of control over your fertility journey.


Start your journey to motherhood today.

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